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5/18-We started our Facebook page first and was thrilled to have one.  A couple of weeks ago, when there was that issue with the heartbleed virus, we changed some settings and have had problems everyday since then with our page.  So, now we're having fun tweeting away @ daily@14suggestions.  We should be close to 100 now.  We try to tweet articles we find on the internet everyday that help parents 
 Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.  We want to address topics and concerns that matter to you. Our email address is suggestions@dailydestinations.com.

8/10-Friends tell us that the recently released movie about James Brown is excellent.  We haven't read any reviews about it , yet.

 8/11-The FBI has a summer training academy in Virginia for high 
school students who think they want to be future agents

8/11-Charles Rose, News Reporter serves as a guest conductor of the Boston Pops, we think he's really interesting as a person

8/12-We have been reading and listening to the events surrounding Robin Williams death

8/18-There's plenty going on. We just haven't commented on much.

8/22-We still have not tweeted anything, but we wanted to share something.  If  have not heard about the ice bucket challenge, check out petefrates.com.   People are being soaked with a bucket of ice cold water to bring attention and raise money for ALS.

8/22-Happy Friday -students have returned to school, the freeways have been crazy, and the rain on Wed. did not help.

8/23-goggle Mo'ne Davis-girl power represents @ the Little League World Series

8/24-An earthquake shakes the Napa, Ca. area this morning

8/25-Tinsel Town is ready to celebrate-The Emmys will air live on 8/25, 5:00 pm California

Flag etiquette-www..usa-flag-site.org
Home Repairs for America's Veterans & Military Families-habitatia.org-310-323-4663 ext.176
Lifeway Bible Bookstore on Indiana in Riverside offers  a 10% to military members
MONTHLY ONLINE RESOURCES: It's Time to Go Back to School
 River Springs Charter School in Riverside, Ca.
Flabob Airport Preparatory Academy-a free charter school serving grades 7-12-
school on an airport

Walmart-has a new app called SavingsCatcher- The app will compare prices with other area stores so you the consumer will know the best price available-we haven't tried it, but their ad list the site as walmaro. it.com/SavingsCatcher
The Honest Co.-sales all natural baby products
SOMETHING EXTRA-helping others before the holidays hit-

Southwest Airlines-is selling tickets at unusually low prices.  They're advertising tickets as low as 73.00.  They indeed have tickets priced that low.  We could find some for flights back to the mid-west for that low.
If you're wanting or needing info. about Snap Benefits, call 1800-221-5689-There was a sign posted on a Big Lots info board-We know they offer assistance to low income families.
Vons and ABC-are promoting  FEED SoCal
If you're thinking about helping others through the holidays, the Fred Jordan Mission does a lot to serve the homeless community-fjm.org

Pasadena-The city of Pasadena has orange change collecting meters around the city -the money will be used to help the homeless 
If You love your city participate in the Cool California  City Challenge, complete a survey thru 8/31.  The city that wins will receive funds for services. For Riverside,Ca., visit GreenRiverside.com to see the city's Green agenda or call 951-826-5817
MAKINGHOMEAFFORDABLE.GOV/riversideCA-1-888-995-HOPE(4673)-July 22, 2014-Riverside Convention Center-Workshop for mortgage assistance
8/13- What Do You Know About Whale Watching?  Now through September is a prefect time to see a pod off the coast of California.
a. Discovery Channel kicked off Shark Week-sharkweek.com
b. check out some dolphins-dolphinsafari.com
c.  2seewhales.com

Free Fun Any Given Day
1 Griffith Observatory- In Los Angeles, Ca.
 2. Shark Lagoon on Fridays @ the Aquarium of  the  Pacific 
3.The Watts Tower in Watts, Ca.
4. Crafting Activities at Lakeshore Stores
5. Saturday Workshops @ Home Depot
6.  Saturday workshops for kids @ Lowe's
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