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Welcome November:

11/10-Watching Pioneer Woman on the Food Network is making us want to cook.

11/11-Happy Veterans Day.  We salute everyone serving in our military.

11/11-There's plenty to talk about and learn about today.  England is recognizing Armistice Day. They are honoring soldiers killed during War World I.

11/11-The east coast is under a blanket of snow for the most part.  It is a great time to pull out a map and teach weather patterns.  Al Rother of channel 4 morning news will be trying to break the World Record for continuous weather reporting.  His goal is to report along with other reports for 34 hour straight.  

11/11-McDonald's is recalling Hello Kitty whistles.  The whistles have been coming a part.  You ca return the whistle to McDonald's directly.

11/11-The Steve Harvey Show today will be a military special.

11/11-We're watching the Steve Harvey Show.  A military couple were united in marriage on the show.  Blum's Landing is a bed an breakfast retreat for military families.  A couple son was killed in the line of duty.  Their way of processing grief was to reach out to other families.  You can go to Steve Harvey's official website for more info..-www.steveharveytv.com

11/12-We really like Deon's Family Playbook which airs on the Oxygen Channel.
It's a lot of family fun on every show.

11/12-Lava has been flowing on an island in Hawaii for over 2 weeks; that something educational to ponder.

Thoughts of Thankfulness for the balance of the year:
1.  We celebrate family and life
2.  Were thankful for being born and raised in America inspite of its problems.
3.  Who does like Godiva chocolate

Need a little inspiration, check out CNN-cnn.com-The top 10 CNN Heroes of 2014

The Warrior Work Camp In Santa Clarita -offers Marine style workouts by a former Marine


Ebola Coverage-beyond the local news-
1. www.forbes.com-Ebola Came to America ....
2.www.businessweek.com-Ebola in America....
3.  Goggle is raising funds to fight Ebola.  Their ad states they'll donate 2.00 for every 1.00 donates.
4.  For information, the CDC.gov has listed updates-That's the Center for Disease Control and Prevention
5.  Doctors Without Borders.org-doctorswithoutborders.org-also, has updates

MEGANSLAW.CA.GOV-protect your children against sex offenders while you're out trick or treating-the site gives the name and address of registered offenders living in local neighborhoods

Join the Military:
1.  Marines.mil
2. jobcorps.com
3. The Army
4. The Navy
5.  The Airforce
6.  The Coast Guard

Walgreens is supporting the military-#MyMerryMoment-for every post tagged with #MyMerryMoment, Walgreens will donate $1.00  to Toys for Tots

Who will help you cook your turkey?
Last year, we believe Butterball Turkey set up a hotline to answer questions
On radio station 1050 am in the Los Angeles area, Melinda Lee answers questions about food every Saturday morning

SOMETHING EXTRA-helping others before the holidays hit-The holidays are here,
1. Help fight hunger by donating to Harvesting Hope at local Stater  Bros. Grocery Stores

2.Fred Jordan Mission-in downtown Los Angeles list 7 ways people can volunteer to help the homeless community-www.fjm.org

3.Los Angeles Mission-losangelesmission.org-On their website they list , national and  local retailers they partner with to raise funding for their program.  You create a shopping account on their website and the retailers automatically make donations based on your purchases.

4. Meet Garth the channel 7 weather man at a Stuff a Bus event-Channel 7 morning news regularly announces the locations

5. Spark of Love-collects toys for in need children every year during Nov. and Dec.-there are donations sites listed on channel 7 and the Spark of love website 

MAKINGHOMEAFFORDABLE.GOV/riverside CA-1-888-995-HOPE(4673)-July 22, 2014-Riverside Convention Center-Workshop for mortgage assistance

DECEMBER-Stop by any Crown Ace through Christmas Eve to send a letter to Santa in our North Pole Express mailbox



Igor young children who need practice with counting, make a 2 or 3 colored patterned chain for the number of days left for Christmas.  You can make a big deal about Thanksgiving , too.

Review the history of Thanksgiving.

Talk about the importance of Veterans Day.

Explain the concept of why we have time change days twice a year

Values.com-want to know 9 ways to show appreciation?

adoptkids.org ca
Free Fun Any Given Day
1.  Griffith Observatory- In Los Angeles, Ca.
 2. Shark Lagoon on Fridays @ the Aquarium of  the  Pacific 
3.The Watts Tower in Watts, Ca.
4. Crafting Activities at Lake shore Stores
5. Saturday Workshops @ Home Depot
6.  Saturday workshops for kids @ Lowe's

7. Discover the Forest-discovertheforest.org
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