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5/18-We started our Facebook page first and was thrilled to have one.  A couple of weeks ago, when there was that issue with the heartbleed virus, we changed some settings and have had problems everyday since then with our page.  So, now we're having fun tweeting away @ daily@14suggestions.  We should be close to 100 now.  We try to tweet articles we find on the internet everyday that help parents 
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8/28-Happy Labor Day Weekend.  We're considering going to the L A County Fair this weekend.  We were surprised to find out there no special opening weekend admission offers. The offers that are available are clearly stated on the fair website.  We will more than likely be getting our tickets ant one of the super markets that are selling them.

9/6-It's National Grandparent Day-if you want a little bit of history about the day, go to grandparent-day.com

9/11-Remembering  the fallen and the impact on our nation.
 A. Wounded Warrior Project.org
 B.  uso.org

9/12-Happy Friday-It is suppose to be hot for the next few days.  Try to stay cool.

9/13- It's sizzling outside.  We say go to the beach if you can deal with the traffic.

9/14-Floyd Mayweather and Serena Williams picked some pretty hefty winnings this wee.

9/16-Today is Mexico's true day of Independence.

Celebrating Labor Day-Employment Resources

The Goodwill not only offers employment, but has employment centers which offer workshops and assistance locating jobs.

Being Healthy From Head to Toe:
August is National  Immunization Awareness Month-

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
believeinlandempire.com-Stater Bros-believe walk

American Academy of Pediatrics-aap.org
A. the Pediatric Academy has outlined a schedule for combating 14 harmful and potentially deadly diseases

American Academy of Family Physician-aafp.org


Dental Resources:

crestprohealth.com- Crest Products
oralb.com-Oral B

californiarocks.com- Weigh your options for earthquake insurance

Rachel Ray-rachelray.com-we just skipped over the ice cream section last night at Target.  Ice cream calls me everyday.  Rachel Ray offer 10 healthy homemade frozen pop recipes on her site.

The Food Network is going to feature kid chefs this week.

SOMETHING EXTRA-helping others before the holidays hit-
If you're wanting or needing info. about Snap Benefits, call 1800-221-5689-There was a sign posted on a Big Lots info board-We know they offer assistance to low income families.
If you're thinking about helping others through the holidays, the Fred Jordan Mission does a lot to serve the homeless community-fjm.org

Pasadena-The city of Pasadena has orange change collecting meters around the city -the money will be used to help the homeless 

MAKINGHOMEAFFORDABLE.GOV/riversideCA-1-888-995-HOPE(4673)-July 22, 2014-Riverside Convention Center-Workshop for mortgage assistance
8/13- What Do You Know About Whale Watching?  Now through September is a prefect time to see a pod off the coast of California.
a. Discovery Channel kicked off Shark Week-sharkweek.com
b. check out some dolphins-dolphinsafari.com
c.  2seewhales.com


Health Facts:
1 in 4 children have a vision related issue that can affect their learning- 1/3 of those children miss being screened for the very issue of concern

Breast Cancer-will affect 1 in 8 women in the United States during their lifetime.

Free Fun Any Given Day
1 Griffith Observatory- In Los Angeles, Ca.
 2. Shark Lagoon on Fridays @ the Aquarium of  the  Pacific 
3.The Watts Tower in Watts, Ca.
4. Crafting Activities at Lakeshore Stores
5. Saturday Workshops @ Home Depot
6.  Saturday workshops for kids @ Lowe's

7. Discover the Forest-discovertheforest.org
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