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2/19-Thank you to every visitor each day.  Our family has had to address some very trying and pressing concerns this week.  We hope to get back on point this weekend.

March is Nutritional Awareness Month.  Who new?
1. choosemyplate.gov
2. nationalnutritionmonth.gov
3. www.letsmove.gov-this website will have information about ways to get moving. It's Ms. Obama's speaking platform for helping children to become active.
4. The American academy of Pediatircs-has a website that shares current articles about vaccines, the measles, and child nutrition
5. healthychildren.org

Pinterest-those interested in following pin trends-Reading will be a topic of focus for March

Dr. Seuss"s birthday is in March-checkout Suessville.com if you have a young who wants to  join  Dr. Suess's birthday club.  Dr. Seuss's birthday is the first week of March.

Read Across America also promotes every causes in every state.

There is American Library Association which highlights all that library services do across the country.  We'll get the website address this week

Social Causes:
1.  Girls Scouts -they have been out in the community selling their cookies.  You can find a troop to support on their website. www. girlscounts.org
2.  Boys and Girls Club of America-Ross Retailer locations had flyers this weekend soliciting support for the organization-bgca.org
3. Susan G. Komen organization fights cancer all year long. Their website outlines their agenda-www.komenlacounty.org

Whale Watching:If you're thinking about going whale watching, responsibletravel.com has some interesting facts to share about whale watching

2/27-Knott's Berry Farm- is having a hiring event at their employment center in Buena Park, Ca for their Food and Beverage dept.

When is Dr. Suess's birthday and what was his real name?

3/3-Is national pancake day-If You Give a Pig a Pancake is a cute story

3/17-St. Patrick's Day is around the corner-Green Eggs and Ham is good story to read if you want to talk about Dr. Suess at the same time

Discover a fact about Afro American History everyday of the year: black365.us

Black Girls Rock-blackgirlsrockinc.com

Values.com-Are you raising a high Achiever?  Need help setting goals? See what others have to share.

Free Fun Any Given Day
1.  Griffith Observatory- In Los Angeles, Ca.
 2. Shark Lagoon on Fridays @ the Aquarium of  the  Pacific 
3.The Watts Tower in Watts, Ca.
4. Crafting Activities at Lake shore Stores
5. Saturday Workshops @ Home Depot
6.  Saturday workshops for kids @ Lowe's

7. Discover the Forest-discovertheforest.org
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