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It's  October!

October is- National Fire Prevention Month-recognized specifically between 10/05-10/11-dc.about.com

fire prevention resources for teachers are available at-www.apples4teachers.com

Before you digging your yard up-check out the safety level for your area-811.org-www.811.org

esfi.org-fire prevention and home safety tips are listed

californiarocks.com-weigh your earthquake insurance options

10/23-The Griffith Observatory is hosting special  events because of  today's eclipse.

10/24-Remember to pick up new batteries for your flashlights if you are going Trick or Treating at night.

More safety concerns:
It is time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monioxide devices

Energency Services in California is advising parents and swimmer to be aware of water dangers throughout the balance of the year-the local news reported that there have been approximately 73 drowning calls this year.  Almost half ended in deaths.

Fall Time Change-Time changes on 11/2/14

10/28-What are we voting on?

10/31-Happy Harvest Day-It was looking like it  was going to rain this morning.  There are a number of churches that are having Harvest activities if you end up needing to stay dry.  Kmart was selling their Halloween merchandise for 50% off last nigth.  Party City, Pottery Bran, and JoAnn's might still have a few costumes left


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
believeinlandempire.com-Stater Bros-Believe Walk-This week until 9/30-the chain is selling special bundles of bottle water to support the fight 

Ebola Coverage-beyond the local news-
1. www.forbes.com-Ebola Came to America ....
2.www,businessweek.com-Ebola in America....

MEGANSLAW.CA.GOV-protect your children against sex offenders while you're out trick or treating-the site gives the name and address of registered offenders living in local neighborhoods

SOMETHING EXTRA-helping others before the holidays hit-

MAKINGHOMEAFFORDABLE.GOV/riversideCA-1-888-995-HOPE(4673)-July 22, 2014-Riverside Convention Center-Workshop for mortgage assistance


If you'll be visiting a farm during the fall to pick apples or head out to  pumpkin patch, realcaliforniamilk,com has some great farm information.

www.ralph.com-they have a tab for resourcing sustainable food sources which is a 4th grade social studies concept

Health Facts:
1 in 4 children have a vision related issue that can affect their learning- 1/3 of those children miss being screened for the very issue of concern

Breast Cancer-will affect 1 in 8 women in the United States during their lifetime.

Free Fun Any Given Day
1 Griffith Observatory- In Los Angeles, Ca.
 2. Shark Lagoon on Fridays @ the Aquarium of  the  Pacific 
3.The Watts Tower in Watts, Ca.
4. Crafting Activities at Lakeshore Stores
5. Saturday Workshops @ Home Depot
6.  Saturday workshops for kids @ Lowe's

7. Discover the Forest-discovertheforest.org
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